We have internationally and locally certifications recognised and update our knowledge as often as we can with workshops and continuinng education.
Our senior trainers have been in the fitness industry for 10 years or more with extensive experience in many forms of exercise from weight training to yoga to martial arts and rehab.
This is important because in the fitness world it is never the case that 'one size fits all'.
We have fluent English speakers with experience working in the USA and London.
We also have Korean speakers.

InJu Cho

Lead Trainer

N.A.S.M. Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer
STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor
Pilates Academy International Certified Instructor
CoreSuspend Instructor
YMCA FIT U.K Certified Gym Instructor
YMCA FIT UK Certified Fitness Instructor
YMCA FIT UK Cardio Kick Instructor
YMCA FIT UK Core Stability Instructor
London School of Massage – Trigger point massage
KBBF Coach Academy Level 2 Bodybuilding Coach
KPBF Aerobics Instructor
Taekwondo second Dan


If you are up to our standards we rent hourly use of the gym – enquire for rates and offers.
We are also always interested in talented trainers to work for us full-time or for new trainees in preparation for when our partner Ultimate Performance opens in Seoul next year.
We work in cooperation with . If you work with us as a Pilates Instructor we will make sure that you always have access to continuing education and workshops to enhance your skills and keep your clients progressing.