Pilates is a fun and safe exercise method that can be used by everyone from the super fit to those who've never exercised before. Pilates classes helps build your body awareness and feeling of control so you'll feel the benefits of improved posture from Pilates in every aspect of life.

Pilates exercises focus on the deep stabilizing muscles of the torso, hips and shoulder girdle and help develop lean, functionally strong muscles without bulk. This will improve your flexibility, strength and mobility of your joints, restoring structural balance to your body. These stabilizing muscles improve your posture, give you more energy and enable you to move with ease.

At FitClub we offer 1:1 Pilates on machines and also small group mat classes with props. Our certified instructors will guide you through the class making it fun and effective. We offer a complimentary one hour orientation for first time visitors. Please call 010 2523 5995 to arrange your free trial.